Though a native of New Orleans, Pierre is a citizen of the world. From the vistas of Paris, towers of New York, and vibrant Technicolor’s of Los Angeles, Pierre has made his mark on the art world. Below are some of the artist residencies J. Pierre has done.

Artscape Alchemy Residency.

I had quite the fulfilling time at Artscape Gibraltar Point during a programmed artist-residency called “Alchemy” in Toronto, Canada. I am especially grateful for the collaborative experience with the other artists in residency as well as the opportunity to experience the unique Toronto culture.   Artscape is a not-for-profit urban development organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities.
Our work involves clustering creative people together in real estate projects that serve the needs of the arts and cultural community and advance multiple public policy objectives, private development interests, community and neighborhood aspirations and philanthropicmissions.


This is the the poster that J. Pierre created last month for CAN’D AID FOUNDATION’S Burning Can Festival in Brevard, NC as the official Burning Can artist for the festival.    
J. Pierre also got into the groove doing a live performance painting of New Orlean’s own band GALACTIC for the close out of the Burning Can festival. Enjoy!

Artist Residency at Futuro Verde Costa Rica.

Mural Pierre spent three months in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica dyrring the summer of 2016. Durring his resedency at Escuela Futuro Verde —a school that focuses languages, environmental studies, academics, and the Arts– Pierre painted with students and also found time to work on personal creations.
Costa Rica is a muse. The nature, the colors, the life spawned a surge of creativity inside of me that I have not felt in years. While there, so much inspiration was attacking me all at once that I was working six paintings at a time. I would rotate them throughout the day for four weeks. As soon as I would complete them, I’d start on six more. I could not paint enough. “Pura Vida” became Pura Creatividad and I’ve brought it back home to New Orleans. – J. Pierre