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“Pura Vida” Wonderlust

  cabo blanco 2 Sometimes, it is best to step away from your everyday environment. Since returning from Costa Rica, I’ve made a decision. I make it a priority to surround myself with nature everyday, even if its just a quiet walk on the levee of the mighty Mississippi River. This connection with nature allows me to operate with a higher spiritual consciousness and inspires my creativity. We often hear people say that a healthy body produces a healthy mind. Well, a healthy mind is the key to creative success. In Costa Rica, we stayed in the Nicoya Peninsula. The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the blue zones of the earth, where native people live the pure healthy life, “Pura Vida” as the locals call it.This involves lots of daily physical activities, fresh clean air, and a diet that mostly consist of legumes, fruits, and vegetables. “Pura Vida” is an energy and while in Costa Rica I absorbed it by embracing the lifestyle. It felt wonderful physically, spiritually, and mentally. The nature in Costa Rica is so untouched by man that it’s amazing. I was living amongst the pages of National Geographic. The artist in me began to yearn to capture the colors, the canopies, the “Pura Vida”. It would have been a mortal sin not to. One of the first of many paintings I started working, is a real still life view of our upstairs balcony. I kept the canvas in the same spot on the balcony for four weeks to capture this magnificent view. I would wake up to every morning to this gift of nature and wanted to share it everyone through painting. Costa Rica is a muse. The nature, the colors, the life spawned a surge of creativity inside of me that I have not felt in years. While there, so much inspiration was attacking me all at once that I was working six paintings at a time. I would rotate them throughout the day for four weeks. As soon as I would complete them, I’d start on six more. I could not paint enough. “Pura Vida” became Pura Creatividad and I’ve brought it back home to New Orleans UNIVERSAL WOWMAN Playa Cayote web pic 2015 5
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