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Costa Rica Artist Series

Costa Rica blog #1. J.Pierre 2015 This journey was very humbling for me to live in a developing country for three months. I have spent a summer in u rope but this journey was different , living with with out all the western world creature comforts that we take for granted,such as television ,hot water,Internet and reliable phone service.But let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful  spiritual experiences I have had in my life. My opportunity to work with the students at futuro verde and live in the coast and rain forest for three months.
 glorius view
Escuela Futuro Verde. Futuro Verde is the only school in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica which provides holistic learning. Focusing on several diverse languages, Environmental Studies, Academics., and the Arts to foster the development of an environmental, social, and multicultural consciousness
For the next six months  I will walk you through my experience step by step,and month by month,as I explain my inspiration for every painting,while also sharing my day to day activities.
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  1. Jamar I love, love , love your Costa Rica experience!!! I have lived your pureness and freedom while sailing all through the Carribean and Lesser Antiles, the Scandinavian waters and so much more. I truly feel sailing is in my blood as painting is in yours!! We shall talk soon my friend. Bets

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